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About Us

For sale there are hundreds of authentic antique 19th and 20th century brass lamps such as brass 3 light table lamp as well as 1 or 2 lights, French brass candlestick table lamp, Art Deco brass lamp figure of a girl, man and lady, lamps with large fish, brass molded cherub lamps, oriental brass lamps with dragons or animals such as large fish or other fugures on base. French Antique Brass lamps are elegant and stylish and may be very expensive. A pair of French lamps with marble separation between 2 brass balls together with brass chamberstick lamp were recently sold at a high price. Brass stands can be three foot tall – so high! Brass, bronze lamps bases are very heavy like in antique brass pedastal lamp 1930 or 1870 example. Shapes can be numerious as for examle octogon tea lamps, classical urn style with eagle top.