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Art Deco Lamps

Art Deco Lamps

Art Deco lamps were made between 1920-1940 in the 20th century and are famous for their unique style. Materials of art deco lamps were brass, bronze (or guilded bronze), metal, colour glass tubes (art deco green, red and blue glass). Bases of art deco lamps are coral base, alebaster, bronze, brass, metal, chrome, glass. Motiffs are those very typical of Art Deco like woman figures, woman kneeling, dancing harlequin ivory face, egyptian motiffs, nymps, flapper dancer, animals, airplanes. Art deco lamp lighting and lampshades are made of these materials too. Here is the list of examples of recently sold art deco lamps:

Art Deco Desk Lamps
-alabaster globe standard lamp
-bauhaus chrom pirouett frankreich lampe jumo
-black/white opalin lamp
-brass beaded lamps with glass tubes
-bronze woman tree desk lamp (art deco desk lamp)
-green glass lady torch lamp
-iron lamp brandt.

Art Deco Bedside Lamps
-lady with a mirror lamp antique
-lampe pirouett
-plaster nymph lamp
-table lamp frosted coral base
-table lamps in a form of women’s statue (art deco figural lamp)
-turquoise tulip deco bedside lamp

Art Deco Floor Lamps
-woman playing tambourine spelter lamp (from the collection of 1920’s women table figurine lamps)
-1920’s lamp egyptian women
-antique table lamps
-brass lamps japanese (oriental style)
-bureau lamp
-cylinder bead lamp.

Art Deco Chrome Lamp

-dancer table lamp (similar to antique tiffany table lamp)

-double man lamp

-dresser lamps

-egyptian lamp earrings

-french bronze lamps woman figures (This is made in france glass table lamp)

-furniture lampe-austria harlequin table lamp.
Art Deco chrome Lamps are easy to identify by chrome surface of their parts.

Art Deco Table Lamps
-gilded bronze lady table lamp circa 1920
-globe lamps
-harlequin globe lamp (harlequin lamp art deco were manufactured in France)
-horse head lamp green
-inspired tables and lamps.
Table lamps art deco are smaller in size than others.

Art Deco Glass Lamps
-iron lamp brandt
-lady lamp kneeling
-lamp half circle planter
-lamp kneeling women (art deco figurine lamp)
-lamp shoulders.

Art Deco Lamp Shades (glass, metal, porcelain)
-lamp women kneeling
-lamps and light fixtures
-lamps of a woman kneeling , bronze (these art deco lamps were made of brass too)
-lamps women (so called antique baluster lamps).

Art Deco Chrome Table Lamp (incl. futuristic art deco airplane lamp and art deco skyscraper lamp and art rocket lamp)

-figurine lamp with end of day glass globe
-hamered lamp
-lamp of kneeling woman
-lamp with kneeling painted bronze man holding a globe
-lampen figurine
-smoking lamp
-art deco airplane lamp.
Again chrome was widely used in Art Deco designs.

Art Deco Glass Lamps
-table lamp with kneeling man and end of day glass
-metal lamp man kneeling
-metal lamp, 2 sid figurines
-moon woman heavy glass lamp shades
-nouveau lamps germany
-model with harp lamp
-porcelain lady lamps (marble and gilt table lamp)
-porcelain lamp flapper dancer.

Art Deco Style Lamps (reproductions)
-smoking lamp
-style figurine table lamp
-table lamp globe
-table lamp lighted alabaster base dancing harlequin ivory face on top (exceptional example of an art deco antique lamp)
-wooden table lamps uk
-lamp w/alabaster base and triangle wings.

Antique art deco table lamp were made of w/alabaster base and triangle wings. Art deco table lamps include all the characteristics of art deco lamps. Art deco lamps made today (art deco reproduction lamps) have no such value as the original art deco lamps, but it is not always easy to identify art deco porcelain lamps.
Art ceiling chandelier deco hanging lamp light is another highly collectible item (glass lampshades, bronze base).

Art Deco Bridge Lamps
-marble lamp
-meissen lamp base
-metal branch lamp with vase (by famous art deco chrome lamp designers)
-antique metal in lay lamps
-minerva lamp
-silver figure art deco table lamp

Art Deco Lady Lamp
-antique oriental bronze figurine lamp (with a great ceramic italy  figurine )
-painted metal table lamps (see also africa table lamps)
-pembroke spider leg lamp table
-pheasant boy and girl lamp (pheasant motiff, this one is a table lamps ceramic figurines)
-pierced metal base table lamps
-antique pirced metal base table lamps (antique airplane ashtray lamp or any deco ashtray lams)
-plaster lamp stem (from barley twist standard lamp)
-poodle shaped lamps (typical for italian deco lamp)

Art deco lamps are still very popular today and are always fashionable.